Wednesday, September 13, 2017

EZ steps to deep meditation

Meditation experts in the world will tell you how it works so magically. For beginners it can get a little tricky. We are interested in meditation but not sure how it works.

Clearly its not science. Its deep exploration of our mind's potential. We accumulate so many thoughts, feelings, emotions, experiences throughout our day and also from our past, that our body acts like a shield to protect us from all of unwanted negativity. However as much as we try to avoid pain or emotional distress, we do carry it - Could be a tight deadline we are working on, an upcoming project proposal, or a deal that we are about to sign, or an event that is going to take place in our house, or financial/family related worry - could be anything. but we don't have time to address our worries and transform them into hope and opportunities.

Meditation gives us time to listen into the feelings within and lets our conscious mind be aware of the rhythms of our hearts. Initially it might seem like we hear nothing. It could be a minor muscle pain in your back, or a headache, or some back spasm, or a catch in your leg, or you probably have a very healthy body and you are already experiencing bliss. Whatever state your life is in, you will be able to sit through with the feeling and address that feeling. By spending time with yourself and listening to what the message could be is the first step in getting closer to deep meditation.

Slowly over time, we will be able to exactly pinpoint what those feelings are - the ones that are most uncomfortable and the ones that we need to release in order to liberate ourselves from the fear or the worry.  

To begin with - sit in a comfortable position, with a straight back, and time yourself to may be 10 mins or less. watch your thoughts as they pass by- they are distractions. After you observe your thoughts for a while, slowly tune in to your body and listen in. Its a process where you will have to travel slowly to places within yourself, to understand the different messages coming to your mind. Let everything go. this is the time to understand yourself, the time where you find out what you have within you, the deep treasures that you have brought into this world. Wish for peace and calmness to enter into your being.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

how to attract your reality?

Meditation is a practice that can help us reach a point within our hearts to understand parts of ourselves that our conscious mind does not reveal to us.

All of life's wonders, including the beautiful creation of this universe is hidden in depths of our soul consciousness and meditation is a Segway to access the rivers of beauty. It is always a step by step process, just like how when we head out on a trail, we have to take certain steps. and point ourselves to a certain direction to reach the top of a mountain to the scenic views, we also need guide ourselves to meet the inner spirit wanting to show us how magnificent we are.

I'm not going to say 'Take a deep breath' or pretend to concentrate - It has to come to us naturally. but one thing is guaranteed that we need to close our eyes to meditate. Closing our eyes, is one way of allowing ourselves to see our inner life. Everything's within. Our emotions are within, our feeling center is within, our consciousness is within, our mind, our hearts, our connections are all deep within and what we see in the outside world is a reflection - in other words validation for us to believe that its real.

The first initial step to meditation is creating a sacred space. Think of having a 10x10 room or if its too much to ask for, a 5x5 space in your room that brings about peace